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Sell with Timber Tracker

With Timber Tracker, it’s easy to list your logging and forestry equipment for sale. You can also sell you timber products like logs, standing timber, lumber, and more. Our platform is a safe and secure way for you to reach more potential buyers than ever. Here are the pricing options for listings:


$9.99 per month, per listing


$9.99 per month, per listing


$4.99 per month, per listing

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Buying and Selling with Timber Tracker

Timber Tracker is a platform for logging professionals to both buy and sell logging equipment, machinery, and timber in a safe, fast and simple way. Whether you’re buying or selling a debarker, or any other piece of equipment, we’ll make it easy. If you have questions about listings or our services, contact Timber Tracker today.